New Holiday Trends – Swapping Sun, Sea and Sand for ‘Something Special’

Holidays:  An extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling – Oxford Dictionary

The holiday season may be drawing to an end in not-so-sunny Europe, but for many, now the holiday season really gets going with the newest and latest holiday trends.

Cycling Holidays, Photography Holidays, Volunteer Holidays, Yoga Holidays, Wine Tasting Holidays, Cooking Holidays and Golfing Holidays are all the rage right now, and while many of these do exist in the Northern Hemisphere – there are whole lot more fun in the exotic countries sitting beneath the equator!

Cycling holidays seem to have taken the world by storm this year, and if you like the idea of cycling through beautiful scenery, heading off into nature, and eating as much as you like as you are burning so many calories – a cycling break could be just what you are looking for!  South Africa and New Zealand both offer amazing routes.

Photography holidays and photographic tours are another ‘new travel trend’, and whether you are brand new to the world of photography or a highly skilled professional, there are some amazing trips to be had.  Namibia offers breathtaking scenery and landscapes, while South Africa, Tanzania and Australia have all the flora and fauna you could possibly wish to capture on film.

Travel Companions of a Different Kind!

Spiritual travellers have been taking holistic holidays for years, but there is a whole new holiday sector available for Yoga lovers and fitness fanatics, which combine spirituality and sport with a little bit of luxury.  Mauritius, Bali and Australia are bursting with retreats – and you will return home feeling a brand new person.

Then (something that is very close to my own heart!) there are the Gourmet Cooking and Wine Tasting Holidays! If you love good food, good wines, and like-minded travellers, just imagine how much fun you would have been chauffeured throughout South Africa’s Winelands, the Wine Valleys of Argentina, or New Zealand’s Marlborough region! Bliss… Although you made well need a yoga holiday afterwards!






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