Are You Travelling to Brazil for the World Cup 2014?

Well, England has finally qualified for the Brazilian World Cup in 2014, but if you are already planning your trip to the land of samba and sunshine, you should know that there are 100,000 Brits in the ticket queue ahead of you!

Over 6.1 million football fans have applied for tickets so far, 4.3 million of those are from Brazil alone, but while hordes of international travellers are expected to make their way to Brazil for the World Cup, the overall opinion seems to be that tickets will not be that difficult to come by…

Travelling to Brazil for the World Cup 2014

The final draw will not take place until 6th December, so buying your tickets before then might be a bit risky if you want to see Hodgson’s side in action, but there will be three windows of opportunity to get your World Cup Tickets after the draw, all sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Travelling to Brazil for the World Cup 2014 is not going to be difficult, but it is going to be expensive, with some reporters estimating that a trip including flights, hotel accommodation and three group games will cost in the region of £7000 per person!

Having done a bit of research myself, I think this figure is somewhat on the generous side, but as the World Cup matches are spread right across Brazil, the internal flights are going to add a hefty chunk to your travel costs.

At the moment, BA are offering direct flights form London to Rio de Janeiro for approximately £1200.00 per person, hotel accommodation ranges between £85 – £500 per night depending on where and when, and for every one-way flight you take between Brazil’s major cities you need to calculate anywhere between £100 and £300 per person.

However, trips like these really are a once in a lifetime event, and if you have ever been to a football match in Brazil, you will know just how passionate and entertaining the World Cup 2014 games are going to be!





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  1. hi equatours,

    i wish i could. that would be fantastic, watching my favourite team playing in their home country.

    best regards,

    1. Equatours says:

      Hi Kap! We wish we could be there too! Looks like we will be glued to the TV like everyone else… 🙂

      1. hi equatours,
        may not necessarily be a bad situation, with modern digital technology, we may have the better coverage, minus the samba atmosphere 😉

      2. Equatours says:

        Ha! You are probably right about that KAP! 😉 Just make a jug of Caipirinha, stick on a Samba CD and paint your face – it will be just like the real thing!

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