The Best of Travel – Here’s where you should be heading on your next holiday…!

British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ has announced the winners of this year’s Travel Awards, and if you want to know what 75,000people voted as the world’s best city, the world’s best holiday destination, and the best long-haul airline, we’ve got all the gossip right here!

Voted for by readers of the newspaper, the Telegraph Travel Awards is not only the biggest travel survey in Britain, but it is also one of the most comprehensive travel surveys in the world, and if you want to travel on trend in 2014, you need to add these winners to your diary!

Holidays to Cape Town

Best City – Cape Town, South Africa

Well, no surprises there! Cape Town more than deserves the number one spot as the best city in the world, and if you have never been to the Mother City, you have no idea what you are missing!  Gorgeous coastlines, elegant hotels, friendly locals, and all the food and wine you could possibly wish for, Cape Town is definitely my favourite city in the world, and 75,000 others seem to agree with me!

Best Country – New Zealand

Again – no surprise!  New Zealand is an amazing country that has much to offer the traveller.  From the breathtaking landscapes, rugged coastlines and beautiful beaches of the South Island, to the National Parks, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful lakes of the North Island, New Zealand really does have it all!

Best Airline Long Haul – Singapore Airlines

A fantastic airline with a modern fleet of aircraft, friendly crew and a great on-time record, Singapore Airlines really do make those long-haul journeys more comfortable and enjoyable. Runners up in this category: Emirates and Air New Zealand

Best Large Cruise Line – Cunard

Soon to celebrate its 175-years anniversary, Cunard is a name synonymous with quality cruise holidays, and if you enjoy the pomp and ceremony of formal nights and white-star service, this world-famous cruise line will not disappoint.

Best Hotel Group – Four Seasons

While I prefer to stay in independently owned boutique hotels, rather than those belonging to a ‘chain’, there is no denying the quality and service one gets at a Four Seasons Hotel. With 90 hotels in 37 destinations worldwide, including lavish accommodations in the African bush and Serengeti plains, Four Season are all about luxury.

So there you have it – the Best of Travel (according to the Telegraph readers anyway)…!



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  1. Jane Sadek says:

    I can agree with Singapore Air’s Award. I’ve only flown with them once, but what an experience.

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