Travelling in Argentina – It’s Affordable Again

If you dream of travelling throughout Argentina, you will be pleased to know that the exchange rate is looking good for foreign travellers right now, and you could get a whole lot more Dinero for your Dollar in 2014!

When we first visited Argentina in 2000, it was one of the cheapest places to travel in South America.  An overnight bus ticket from Buenos Aires to Mendoza cost just $20 per person, a litre of beer was less than a dollar, and you could easily get a meal for two with a bottle of wine for under $10 dollars, so it was the perfect destination for travellers with more time than money to spare!

It was much the same in 2006, we were lucky enough to return and spend six weeks touring throughout Argentina on our Big South American Adventure!

Travelling from La Quiaca to Ushuaia with no set route, no time constraints, and no desire to leave this magnificent country, our journey throughout Argentina remains one of our favourite all-time travel experiences (so far!), and we cannot wait to return

With friendly locals, award-winning wines, the best steaks in the world, and breathtaking scenery, Argentina is the perfect destination for singles, couples and groups, and with the new exchange rate, you can indulge just a little bit more!

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