Namibia – The Narnia of South-West Africa

Much like the fictional fantasy world of Narnia, the southern African country of Namibia is a world of magical landscapes, mysterious beasts, and a colourful history stemming back over thousands of years.

A unique destination that has much to offer international travellers, Namibia is big, beautiful and boasts some of the world’s most unusual flora and fauna, making it a paradise for photography lovers, and the fact that just 2.5 million inhabitants call this whopping 825,000km² Land home, means you are never short of elbow space!

Namibia might be a relatively new ‘holiday destination’, but it is one that is growing at an incredible rate, and during our 12-day journey across this magnificent country we met many ‘repeaters’ who return year upon year to enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours one can only find in the Namib Desert.

Safe and affordable, Namibia is the perfect destination for a self-drive trip, and while the majority of the roads are unpaved, the gravel roads are extremely well maintained, so much so that it is possible to self-drive Namibia with a regular rental car – no 4 x 4 required!

We will be blogging about each of the destinations we visited in Namibia over the coming weeks, but for now, here are a few of our favourite shots of this African wonderland…

img_3200 img_3138 img_3118 img_3132 img_3107 img_3155 img_3156 img_3164 img_3172 img_3183 img_3211 img_3227 img_3268 img_3305 img_3321 img_3365 img_3355 img_3294 Travelling in Namibia img_3264



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  1. I can’t really believe that all these images are from a single place, such a great variety 🙂

    The pelican shot is simply superb, great timing 🙂

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