Roaring above Cape Town on our Lions Head Tour!

There are so many things to see and do in Cape Town that you could easily spend a fortnight just exploring the city and its surrounds, but if there is one thing you shouldn’t miss during your stay in the Mother City (in my humble opinion!), it would have to be climbing Lions Head Mountain.

Tailor Made Holidays Cape Town South Africa

Table Mountain’s iconic little sister, Lions Head has no fancy cable cars, no restaurant at the top, and no long and winding routes to its peak (it’s straight up here!), yet the view from the top is quiet simply breathtaking, and you get the best view of Table Mountain in town!


Whenever we are in Cape Town with our guests, we always encourage them to join us as we conquer the mighty Lion, and while it make look a little daunting from the base, this magical mountain has a large plateau at the top where you can enjoy a traditional South African picnic of Sauvignon Blanc and Biltong!


The view from Lions Head is worth the climb – believe me! With Camps Bay on one side, the Harbour of Cape Town on the other and Table Mountain as a backdrop, it really is one of the best places in the world to sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing vista.

Unlike Table Mountain, where one can simply glide to the top on the revolving cable car, Lions Head Mountain is not for sissies! You need to hike, climb and scramble your way to the top – which is perhaps why 90% of the people we know in Cape Town have never been up there!


But you never know who you will meet at the top… A lovely couple asked me to take a photo of them on top of the mountain – and its only when our group of cycling enthusiasts ran over to meet my unsuspecting couple that I realised I was taking a photo of Jan Ullrich (Tour de France winner!) and his wife…


Like us, they had just cycled the Cape Argus Cycle Tour on a Tandem!


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