Skeleton Coast National Park – Namibia’s Final Frontier

The Skeleton Coast National Park may be home to some of the world’s most inaccessible shores, hundreds of shipwrecks, and the driest and most inhabitable lands on planet earth, yet it remains one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in West Africa that is just waiting to be explored.

When you approach the entry gates of the Skeleton Coast National Park, you are greeted, (or should that be warned) by a huge Skull and Crossbones sign, and only after filling in the log book with all your personal details, are you allow to cross over into this ‘no man’s land’, which at 26.6 million acres, is larger than Portugal.

Only two vehicles had entered the park the day before us, and with no petrol station, no buildings, and no telephone reception, driving through the Skeleton Coast National Park felt like a huge adventure!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the desert-adapted lions that stray onto the shores to hunt seals, but we did witness some of the most unusual landscapes on planet earth during our self-drive tour here at Namibia’s final frontier

img_3355 img_3365 Self Drive Holidays Namibia img_0354 img_3361 img_0355 img_3347 img_3371 img_3375 img_3353 img_3377






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