Take a ‘Selfie’ Holiday This Summer – And Win Free Hotel Nights!


If you love to travel and you love to take pictures of yourself, (you know who you are!) then why not combine the two and take a ‘Selfie’ Holiday this summer.

It may sound bizarre, but ‘Selfie’ Holidays are one of the latest Travel Trends to hit the web, and with the chance to win free nights at a luxury hotel, discounts on local attractions, and dinner for two at top restaurants, it’s time to get ‘snap happy’!

Hotels across the world are catching on to the Selfie phenomenon, and as such, their savvy sales and marketing departments are promoting new campaigns that encourage us to take a Selfie, tag the hotel or restaurant, and share it across social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico is currently offering a ‘Selfie Adventure Package’, which encourages visitors of the resort to “be creative” and take pictures flying a kite over the 16th century Fort San Felipe Del Morro or having a speciality drink at a historic site.  You then need to tag the resort and post your Selfie online to receive a 20% discount on local excursions including the Bacardi Rum Factory and a surprise gift!

Summer holiday ideas
#Paternoster #Selfie Holidays 2014

Down under in Sydney Australia, Hotel 1888 is describing itself as the “World’s First Instagram Hotel”, and Instagram users with more than 10,000 followers automatically receive a free night at the hotel (not bad considering the average nightly rate is $179 Australian dollars)!

If you haven’t quite managed 10,000 Instagram followers yet, you can still win a free night at Hotel 1888 by taking a great Selfie and tagging the hotel. They even provide a ‘Selfie Space’ in the lobby, so you will not be short of fabulous photo opportunities in this heritage listed building!

Finally, over in Portland, Hotel Modera is encouraging world travellers to “Express Your Selfie” (love that phrase!) with its Selfie Competition.  Simply take an original, glamorous or ridiculous Selfie, tag the hotel, post it online, and you can a free night at the hotel, a wireless photo printer, or dinner for two at an award-winning restaurant!

So if you want to follow the latest travel craze, simply back your bags, head off on holiday, strike a pose, and share – you might just win something amazing!


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