If Money were no Object – What would be your Dream Holiday Destination?


If money were no object and the only thing standing between you and your Dream ‘Bucket List’ Holiday was choosing the destination, where would you go?

Well, according to a recent survey carried out in the UK, most of us would head to New Zealand!


In a bid to uncover our Top Bucket List Holiday Destinations, TripAdvisor asked 5,000 people in the UK where they would go if money were no object, and New Zealand snatched the number one spot as the most desirable location in the world.


With beautiful scenery, friendly locals, great wines, and not one, but two islands to discover, it is hardly surprising that New Zealand was voted the Number #1 Bucket List Destination in the World, and it just goes to show that holidaymakers are willing to travel to some of the world’s most remote and far-flung destinations to find their dream holiday.

Self Drive Holidays New Zealand

Neighbouring Australia took the Number #2 spot on the Top Bucket List Destinations in the World survey, which was closely followed by the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Thailand and Mexico making up the top 10.

A further survey in TripAdvisors bi-annual TripBarometer study confirmed that Brits are still among the world’s biggest holiday spenders, with the average yearly holiday budget of £5,016, so it looks as though those dream holidays destinations could be closer than we think, with a healthy travel budget like that!

If money were no object, and I could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would I go…?  That’s easy, I would buy a Round the World Flight Ticket – and go EVERYWHERE!




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