The Favela Experience: Budget Accommodation in Brazil for the World Cup


With just 12 Days to go until the FIFA World Cup 2014 gets underway in Brazil, most international football fans have their flights to Brazil and Hotel Accommodations all tied up, but if you haven’t managed to find anything within your budget yet, ‘The Favela Experience’ might be just what you are looking for!

Budget Accommodation FIFA World Cup Brazil

Offering alternative ‘budget’ accommodations in Brazil’s most famous Favelas, ‘The Favela Experience’ is designed to cater for those football fans who have been out-priced by soaring hotel prices, while positively impacting the developing communities and improving the world’s perceptions of favelas.

Renting out their homes, apartments and rooms to football fans travelling to Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup Tournament, your Brazilian hosts will provide you with an “exciting and authentic tourism experience” from as little as $14 USD per person per night in a shared room, so you can support your team, and at the same time, boost the income of those who need it most.

Sustainable tourism at its very best, ‘The Favela Experience’ seems to offer both Brazilian residents and International football fans the very best of both worlds, but is it safe?

Well, according to the Favelas Experience, your stay in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas could be safer than staying in tourist areas such as Copacabana, as they only work in communities with newly installed permanent police (24/7), who are protecting the communities from crime in advance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.  Furthermore, the Favela residents and hosts understand that by providing international travellers with a good and safe experience, they can generate more income for their families.

Responsible, sustainable and affordable – ‘The Favela Experience’ sounds like the perfect solution for World Cup Fans on a budget!





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