Travel Destinations for the Super Rich – How Many Have You Visited?

If you fancy holidaying like a Rockstar, an A-List celebrity, Royalty or the Super Rich (incidentally, you need have a net worth of $500 million or more to be considered ‘Super Rich’- according to Forbes), then we invite you to check out our Travel Destinations for gazillionaires!

Stretching across the globe, our Travel Destinations for the Super Rich offer the very best in terms of luxury hotels and transport, Michelin-starred dining venues, private butlers, and wine lists and long as the number of zeros on a billionaires bank account, but you’re going to need a few bob to holiday here…

img_0155Portofino, Italy

An exclusive retreat for fashion designers, celebrities and billionaires, the quaint marina of Portofino in Italy is a  European hot spot for those with big boats, big sunglasses, and big bucks!

I was lucky enough to spend my 40th Birthday in Portofino… I’m hoping to pay off my credit card bill by the time I’m 50!

Marigot  - Anguilla 020St. Bart or Anguilla, Caribbean

If you have visited some of the larger Caribbean Islands, but have yet to find paradise, head on over to St. Bart or Anguilla and experience Caribbean luxury at its very best.  Many A-listers own properties on these islands, so you could find yourself sharing a beach with Jay-Z.

Luxury holiday destinationsLech / Zürs am Arlberg, Austria

The ultimate European skiing destination for the super-rich and the super royal, Lech and Zürs am Arlberg in the Austrian Alps hosts British Royalty, Dutch Royalty, Spanish Royalty and Formula 1 stars such as Sebastian Vettel.

While it’s not the easiest resort to get to during the winter months (one main entrance closes permanently as soon as the heavy snow falls), Lech is well worth the journey, and if you have plenty of money to spare, you can always helicopter in!

img_1531Sabi Sand, South Africa

Sabi Sand may share its borders with the Kruger National Park, but it doesn’t share its price tag.  Luxury safari accommodation in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve will set you back around £400 per person per night, but that doesn’t include premium beverages or light aircraft transfers – so you might as well round that up to £1000 per person per night if you intend to quaff Dom Perignon in the bush!




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  1. Jane Sadek says:

    Haven’t been to any of these!

    1. Equatours says:

      You forgot to add “yet” Jane! 😉

      1. Jane Sadek says:

        I like your attitude!

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