Ebola Epicentre closer to London than South Africa’s Safari Parks

If the Ebola outbreak is preventing you from taking that African Safari holiday you have always dreamed of, you might be interested in the map created by safaribookings.com, which shows the relative distance between the Ebola epicentre in Western Africa, and other major cities in the world.


Map courtesy of http://www.safaribookings.com

A geography lesson indeed, this fantastic map indicates just how far the Ebola outbreaks is from Africa’s most popular holidays destinations such as South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and Tanzania, and while we wouldn’t want to send European’s into a panic, the truth is, Ebola is closer to Madrid, London and Paris, than it is to Cape Town, Kilimanjaro, and Victoria Falls.

Many people seem to view Africa as a country, rather than a continent, and as such, Ebola is considered an ‘African’ disease, but the distances between African countries are vast, and the affected areas of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are over 3,000 miles away from South Africa’s Safari Parks.

So support the African Tourism Industry by visiting Ebola free countries, and take that Safari Holiday, visit Victoria Falls, and climb Kilimanjaro and view the world from the Roof of Africa.


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  1. Very nice map!! Im going to Egypt at the end of the month and I honestly am a little worried, but it isn’t something you can avoid, virus is something that can be anywhere, even close to our home! Great post!

    1. Equatours says:

      Hey Allane, thank’s for visiting our blog! This map certainly puts a new perspective on things doesn’t it! Have a great time in Egypt 🙂

      1. You’re welcome 😀 Yes it does!!
        And thank you!! 😀

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