Travel Designers – Creating Tailor Made Holidays Just for You

If you have spent hours searching the internet and browsing the latest travel brochures for the perfect holiday, but are struggling to find the right itinerary for your preferred travel dates or destination, it might be time to contact a Travel Designer.

Travel Designers

A Travel Designer may sound expensive, but a tailor-made holiday could work out significantly cheaper than a standard package tour put together by a regular tour operator, and as you are in charge of your travel dates and travel budget, you get to custom design your own trip with the help of a professional who can pull it all together.

Most travel designers specialise is specific countries or regions, so they have a good understanding of the local infrastructure, logistics, cultures and travel possibilities within each destination.  This allows them to create unique travel itineraries for individuals, no matter how complicated or impossible it may seem, and give you the tailor-made holiday you are looking for, at a price you can afford.

Of course, you need to be realistic about your budget and the more flights you intend to take, the more your trip is going to cost, but your travel designer will be able to give you some guidelines, and show you how to make the most out of your money.

Tailor-made travel really opens up the world, and the possibilities for multi-destination holidays are almost endless. A perfect example would be a Private Kilimanjaro Climb, an Ngorongoro Crater Safari and a beach break in Zanzibar.  Sounds expensive, I know, but a bespoke holiday to Tanzania like this could cost you a lot less than booking three separate elements, and you are guaranteed a holiday of a lifetime!

Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia also work exceptionally well together, so why not ask your travel designer to tailor-make a South American adventure just for you, and watch them weave their magic with a complete custom designed itinerary that includes everything you want – and nothing that you do not!

Travel Designers and Tailor Made Holidays put you in charge of your dreams, so why settle for anything less!





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