Are You Stuck in a Travel Rut? Do Something Different this Year!

If you are about to book your annual holiday to the same destination, same resort and same hotel – you could be stuck in a travel rut, according to a recent study carried out by

Holiday ideas for 2015A whopping 57% of us have unfulfilled travel ambitions, and while many of us fantasize about seeing polar bears, chasing storms and trekking in the wilderness, it appears that not even 10% of us will fulfil our travel dreams in 2015.

When it comes to booking holidays, 29 million Brits are expected to travel to places they have visited before in 2015, and while ‘Staycations’ in the UK are set to be big, the strength of the Pound (GBP) against the Euro has seen a resurgence in the Euro zone.  Spain, Greece, and Portugal are great value-for-money destinations, as are South Africa and the US thanks to a favourable exchange rate.

Are You Stuck in a Travel Rut? Do Something Different this Year!While British travellers may be stuck in a rut when it comes to holiday destinations, our travel habits are certainly evolving.  Sunbathing is no longer our number one priority, we would rather go sightseeing, experience local foods, and take cultural tours in 2015. Hiking, snorkelling and white-water rafting also feature high on our holiday wish lists.

The survey also indicated that we are going to take more holidays in the coming year, with one in four Brits planning to escape at least 4 times. Furthermore, 10 per cent of those questioned said they were prepared to double their 2014 travel budget to get the holidays they have always dreamed of in 2015.

If you are stuck in a travel rut, when not do something different this year?  The world is big, beautiful and more accessible than ever before, and with a bunch of pounds in your back pocket, you can go further than you ever imagined!

Forget the Costa del Sol and Rhodes, head to Costa Rica or Rio de Janeiro instead, and fulfil those travel ambitions before it’s too late!








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