Tango, Tasting & Trekking – The Perfect Argentine Holiday

There is so much to see and do in Argentina that I could have easily titled this blog, ‘Glaciers, Gauchos and Iguazu’ or ‘Penguins, Pampas and Patagonia’, but there are 3 things that I never fail to see and do when I visit this gateway to South America, and that is Tango, Wine Tasting, and Trekking in one of the many national parks.

The perfect holiday destination for anyone who loves good food, new world wines, and the great outdoors, Argentina has it all, and if you are planning on visiting anytime soon, you are going to need a well-planned itinerary and as much holiday time as your boss will allow to get the most out of your Argentine adventure.

Holidays to ArgentinaMost people start their holiday in the cosmopolitan hub of Buenos Aires, which just happens to be the perfect place to watch an impromptu Tango Show. La Boca and San Telmo are perhaps the most ‘touristy’ places to watch Tango, but you still get to feel the passion and the rhythm… and I guarantee you will be flicking your legs up in the air in no time!

If you want to learn how to do it properly, there are endless Tango Dance Schools in Buenos Aires, the only thing you have to bring is a pair of dance shoes (and a good sense of humour!).

After all that dancing, you will be ready to sample some of Argentina’s finest foods, and if you are not vegetarian, you should be heading straight to a steak house or Parrilla!  The best place on earth to eat a steak, we found it impossible to get a bad one in Argentina, and as it is much more affordable than at home, you can indulge every day!   Argentina caters for vegetarians and vegans too, so if you don’t eat meat, there are some fabulous restaurants in town where you can experience a huge variety of cuisines from around the world.

No meal would be complete without a bottle of Argentine Malbec, and if you want to get to the source of this spectacular wine, you need to add Mendoza to your travel itinerary.  A short hop from Buenos Aires (flight) or an overnight bus ride, Mendoza offers breath-taking scenery, unique accommodations, and over 1,500 wineries – something every connoisseur will love.

Finally, after all that indulgence, a trek in the Andes Mountain Range might be just what you need to get rid of the those extra calories and get back in shape before you head home.  There are numerous trekking routes available in Argentina – the ultimate being Aconcagua.

There you have it – my idea of the Perfect Argentine Holiday!





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