Going Greek: Have You Visited the Land of Gods?

Greece has had it pretty tough over the past few years, what with its turbulent government and economic woes, but this beautiful country still has much to offer international travellers, and if you are looking for a well-priced holiday this autumn, your £Pounds, $Dollars and €Euros will go lot further here than they will in many other Mediterranean destinations.

With an ancient city, over 6,000 picture-perfect islands nestling in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, and all the history you could possibly wish for, Greece really does have something for everyone, as we hope you will see in the pictures below…

Holidays to Greece 2005_0218Image0004 2005_0417Image0018 2005_0218Image0007 2005_0218Image0009 2005_0306Image0034 2005_0306Image0041 2005_0408Image0004 2005_0417Image0020 2005_0601Image0049 2005_0417Image0042 2005_0417Image0035 2005_0417Image0045 2005_0523Image0014 2005_0508Image0003


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