British Holidaymakers to Travel Further this Winter Thanks to Strong Pound (GBP)

The mornings are getting darker, the evenings are getting colder, and we can be in no doubt that winter is most definitely on its way to the Northern Hemisphere, but with the British Pound (GBP) continuing to strengthen against many international currencies, the timing couldn’t be better for a winter holiday somewhere warm and exotic!

According to figures recently released by Post Office Travel Money, our beloved Pound Sterling has made gains against the currencies of 16 major long-haul destination is the past 12 months, making long-haul holidays to far-flung destinations such as Brazil, New Zealand and South Africa cheaper than ever before.

If you are looking for some winter sun, these are the fabulous destinations where your pound will go a whole lot further…


Sterling has increased by a whopping 28% against the Malaysian Ringgit in the last year, and so now is the perfect time to visit the Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur, the tropical beaches of Langkawi, and the Tea Plantations of the Cameron Highlands.

British Holidaymakers to Travel Further this Winter Thanks to Strong Pound (GBP)


This time 5 years ago, Australia was a very expensive place to visit, but fast-forward to 2015, and the Pound is 21% stronger than it was just 12 months ago, making Oz much more affordable for British Travellers. Whether you fancy the self-driving the windswept West Coast, sailing the Whitsundays, or simply chilling in Sydney, Australia is affordable again – so just do it!



Summer is just about to arrive in Rio de Janeiro, and if you are thinking of heading to Brazil for the Carnival in February, or the Rio Olympics 2016, now is the perfect time to book your trip.  Sterling is up a staggering 57.4% against the Brazilian Real, so you can you can spend your days sipping Caipirinha’s on Copacabana Beach, before dancing the night away at Rio’s Samba hotspots.


South Africa

South Africa is possibly the most economical long-haul destination for international travellers today. With just over 20 Rand to the Pound (it was just 16.8 in March this year), you can afford to stay in the best hotels, take that South African Safari you have always dreamed of, self-drive along the illustrious Garden Route, or head off the beaten track in KwaZulu Natal.  Everything is possible in South Africa, and with sterling in your pocket, you really can travel like a Rock Star!

British Holidaymakers to Travel Further this Winter Thanks to Strong Pound (GBP)





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  1. Great winter get-away suggestions.

    1. Equatours says:

      Thank you Mary Lou! I hope you get to visit one of them this winter, or maybe run the 2 Oceans Marathon in Cape Town in March! 🙂

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