Reserving Sunbeds with Towels: Should we Really Blame the Germans?

German travellers have long been blamed for reserving sunbeds with their towels while on holiday overseas, but if a recent survey by the Travel Supermarket is anything to go by, it seems us Brits are more likely to reserve our sunbeds than our fellow travellers – and we’ve got plenty of other bad habits too!

Baraza Resort ZanzibarThe survey of 2,000 British travellers and over 1,000 German travellers revealed that 11% of Brits reserve their sunbeds, compared to just 8% of Germans, and surprisingly, it is the more mature travellers amongst us (pensioners), who are the guilty culprits!

The survey also found that German travellers are 34 per cent more likely to enjoy their trips abroad than British holidaymakers, which could be down to the fact that Germans spend more time planning their holidays than Brits. The average German will start planning their holiday 106 days in advance, while Brits wait until approximately 99 days before departure to start making plans.

When it comes to choosing our holidays, the survey revealed that Germans are more likely to use their holiday time to relax, unwind, spend time with family, experience new cultures, and participate in sports and activities, while Britons are more likely to motivated by cheap deals and lively nightlife.

As a result, more than 80% of German travellers said that they enjoyed their holidays overseas, compared to just 61% of Brits, with 19% of British travellers admitting that they could learn a lot from the way Germans travel.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that Britons are 3 times more likely than Germans to travel home from their holiday with a hangover – but then again, the Germans do not have the saying “one for the road” do they!

As a Brit married to an Austrian… I have no comment!



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