Stress Free Travel: What Changes Would You Like to See in 2016?

Travelling should be exciting and inspiring, not nerve-wracking and stressful, but it seems most of us would like to make a few changes when it comes to the way we travel, and remove those things that annoy us most such as inflated rates over the school holidays, infuriating car hire ‘extras’, and an end to the liquid ban that results in us throwing away our favourite perfumes and toiletries as they are over 100ml!

Travel safety is a concern, and the endless security checks are there for a reason, but do we really have to strip half-naked to pass through security without setting the alarm bells off, and is it really necessary to show our boarding cards 5 times from the check-in gate to our seats?  I’m sure we could streamline the whole process in some way…

Tailor Made Travel

A recent article in the Telegraph newspaper highlighted those things we would like to change most about travel in 2016, here’s a few of my own favourites:

Ban Music on Hotel Websites

We’ve all done it. On a quiet afternoon at work, we decide to do a bit of research on our next holiday, only to be blasted by loud music that lets everyone know, including the boss, that you’re not doing what you should be!  Music on websites is annoying and completely unnecessary – stop, please!

Pass Fuel Savings onto Passengers

The cost of aviation fuel has dropped by more than 50% in the past 12 months, yet the average flight ticket is only 16% cheaper than it was this time last year.  Where is the other 34% – and why aren’t we, the travellers, benefitting from this?

Eradicate Runway Buses

Is there anything more annoying than boarding a runway bus, only for it to drive some 300 metres before dropping you off outside your plane?  We can walk… and yes, we know that we must not walk under the wing! Health and safety is screaming at me here, but really, is it necessary?

Remove limits on WIFI at Airports

It’s 2016, and yet when you arrive at an international airport, 2 hours before your flight as recommended by your Travel Agent, you have to fill out numerous forms, agree to be bombarded with junk mail, and spend 20 minutes activating your Free 30 minutes WIFI. Most international airports in Europe now offer unlimited WIFI, so why is the UK so far behind?

Reclining Seats: Yay or Nay?

As a smallish person, I have no problem with the size of my seat on aircraft, but for my taller other half, reclining his seat is the only way to ensure a semi-comfortable flight.  Reclined seats causes all kind of frustrations on flights, and I have witness more than a few battles over “to recline or not to recline?”. Should we get rid of them all together, or should we all be obliged to recline at exactly the same time?  I’m not sure what the answer is to this one – what do you think?




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