Long Haul Travel: Staying Healthy at 37,000ft

There is nothing more exciting than boarding a plane for a long haul flight to somewhere warm and exotic, but air travel can be uncomfortable and unhealthy, especially at this time of the year when bugs and viruses seem to be everywhere, and so you need to take care of what you wear, watch what you eat, and stock up on some natural remedies if you are to feel as fresh as a daisy after a 12-hour flight.

Bloating, dehydration, jet lag, DVT, and decreased immunity are common health complaints that affect many long-haul travellers, but according to a recent infographic released by FIX, we don’t have to suffer at 37,000ft, and by making a few changes before, during and after our flights, we can stay happy and healthy from departure to landing.

When it comes to dressing for your long-haul flight, comfort is key, so make sure you wear loose lightweight clothes that allow you to move freely and aid circulation.  If you cannot bear to walk through the airport in a sweat suit or pair of yoga pants, pack them into your hand luggage and change on board.  Compression socks may not be sexy, but they are known to combat DVT, so if you have poor circulation, invest in a pair for your next flight.

Sadly, drinking alcohol before or during your flight is considered a big no-no, so if you really suffer after a long journey, consider leaving the celebratory G&T until you arrive at your destination!  Here are some more great tips…







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  1. cjx07ster says:

    I’ve come down to a simple 38,000 ft remedy… 2 aspirin – drink of hydrolyte – compression socks – then relax and don’t think too much. Living in Australia, every trip is a long one.

    1. Equatours says:

      Sounds good to me Chris!! I’ll give it a try on my flight to Cape Town later this month (do you think G&T will work the same as hydrolyte? 😉
      Happy Travels

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