How Far Will Your Spending Money Go On Holiday This Year?


When it comes to budgeting for you next trip overseas, how far do you think £100 will take you?  A day? A week? Or even a fortnight?  Well, according to a new travel comparison infographic by Staysure™, one hundred pounds will take you a lot further in some cities than it will in others, and so you need to plan your trip wisely if you are travelling on a budget.

How Far Will Your Spending Money Go On Holiday This Year?

Based on the average costs in 10 of the world’s most popular city destinations, the infographic reveals just how much travellers could expect to pay for a night in a three-star hotel, a pint of local beer, a 20-mile taxi trip, a 3-course meal, and entry fees into local museums and attractions.

As you would expect, the results vary greatly from country to country, and if you want your money to go further on your next trip overseas, you should be heading to Hanoi or Cape Town, and avoiding London and San Francisco at all costs!

The city offering the best value for international travellers is Hanoi in Vietnam, where you can expect to pay £18.00 for a night in a 3* Hotel, £5.14 for a three-course meal, and just 45p for a pint of local beer. Taxis come cheap here too at just £10.60 for a 20-mile ride, and many of the local attractions are free.

Next on the list is Havana Cuba, where you can get a night in a 3* hotel, a three course meal, a pint of beer, and admission into 2 local museums and landmarks for just £56.68, followed by Budapest, where you would get all of the above for £57.66.

Then comes South Africa’s Mother City of Cape Town, which is constantly voted as one of the best value travel destinations for 2016. With a delicious three-course meal for £9.29, a pint of domestic beer for 81p, and a bottle of local wine for £5.00 (that’s not on the infographic, but believe me on this one!!), and a trip up the Table Mountain Cable Car for £15.50, you’ll have plenty of change out of your £100, so you can indulge in that second bottle of vino guilt-free!

At the other end of the scale, the most expensive cities in the world start with Oslo in Norway, where you can expect to pay a whopping £30.55 for a three-course meal and an astounding £6.10 for a pint of beer!  Add your hotel and your £37.60 taxi ride to that, and your £100 has vanished quicker than you can say Skål!

Next up comes London (is anyone surprised here?), where £100 won’t get you very far… and I mean that quite literally!  A 20-mile taxi ride will cost you £67.60 alone, and when you add the £24.50 for a tour of the Tower of London and £3.92 for a pint of beer, your budget has vanished.

However, London is not the most expensive city on the list, that ‘honour’ goes to good old (expensive) San Francisco where you will pay £86.00 for a night in three-star hovel, sorry hotel, and £20.80 for a tour of Alcatraz. No wonder it’s called the city of lights, with those kind of prices they can definitely afford their electricity bill!



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