Brexit and Your Holidays: What Happens Next? ABTA Explains…

Well, the deed has been done, the decision has been made, and whether we like it or not, Great Britain will be making an exit from the European Union in just 2 years’ time.

It’s been an emotional week for us here in the United Kingdom, and with the results showing a win of just 2%, the divide between our people has never been more evident.  But in great British spirit, we will Keep Calm and Carry On, in the hope of better things to come!

Brexit and Your Holidays: What Happens Next? ABTA Explains…

Sadly, the financial analysts were right, and the Pound GBP has taken an almighty battering since the leave vote was announced, dropping to its lowest point in over 30 years, and while the state of the British economy is still uncertain, one thing is for sure, and that is that the cost of our annual holiday is going to be higher than we hoped this year.

However, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) have released the following statement:

“The Prime Minister has stated that there will be no initial change in the way people travel. Travellers are as free to move between the UK and the EU as they were yesterday, European Health Insurance cards remain valid and regulations such as Air Passenger Rights remain in place. People due to travel this summer will see little changes to their holiday. Once the UK formally notifies the EU of its intention to leave, the remaining Member States will have up to two years to offer the UK a deal for a future trading relationship and during this period, holidaymakers will not see any immediate changes.”

“However, the fall in value of the pound will have an immediate impact on holidaymakers and their spending power overseas.”

So it seems there is no need to panic, we still have two years to sort this mess out, and while our British Pound won’t go as far overseas this summer as it did last year, we can still cross European borders freely and enjoy those unlimited duty-free goods that could be well out of reach by 2018!



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  1. josiesvoice says:

    In spite of BREXIT, I feel that 2 years is a long time and anything can still happen. Concessions and compromises could still come up because I’m pretty sure that the other remaining countries under the EU would still want to have relations with the UK. As you said, keep calm and carry on but i would also add–hope for the best.

    1. Equatours says:

      Thanks for stopping by Josiesvoice! We’re most certainly hoping for the best!

      1. josiesvoice says:

        You’re welcome!

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