Travellers Biggest Holiday Stresses… What Drives You Crazy?

Going away on holiday should be fun and exciting, especially if you have been saving up all year for an exotic beach break, a luxury safari, or a self-drive adventure, but according to a recent survey by Avis Car Hire, it seems many of us Britons find travelling stressful, with our stress levels rising days before we’ve even checked in at the airport!

During the survey, Avis asked British travellers to list their ‘biggest holiday stresses’, and the results were pretty conclusive.  Seat kickers, airport crowds, unruly children, and drunk passengers all featured on the top ten list, with 24 per cent of those questioned stating that their holidays were ‘ruined’ by stress at the airport, on the plane, and on site in resort.

A further 72 per cent of respondents admitted that holiday stress caused them to argue with friends and family members during their break, and 40 per cent said that they frequently take time out from the rest of the family so that they can calm themselves down and try to release some of their built-up stress with breathing exercises.

While there are not many surprises on the list of biggest holiday stresses, here are the top 10, as voted for by British travellers….

  1. People who kick the plane seats
  2. Drunk Brits
  3. Passengers who recline their seats (specifically without asking)
  4. Noisy children
  5. Crowds at the airport
  6. Bad WiFi signal
  7. Being plagued by insects
  8. Noisy hotel neighbours
  9. People who get out of their plane seat before the seatbelt sign has been switched off
  10. Airline baggage limits

If you are guilty of any of the above, I would like to say on behalf of myself and all other travellers out there, please queue patiently at the airport, control your kids, keep your seatback in the upright position, and remain firmly seated (with your seatbelt fastened) until the fasten seatbelt light has been turned off… Thank you! 😉







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