Book Your 2017 Holiday Now… And Avoid the Post-Brexit Price Hikes

With time to spare until the New Year festivities get underway, up to 6.5million of us are expected to book holiday between now and December 31st, and if you intend to be one of them, you could save yourself a fortune on your 2017 break!

What with the weakened British Pound, hotel costs in Europe and the US have increased significantly in the past few months, and as airlines purchase their fuel in US dollars, flight tickets will inevitably become more expensive for British Travellers too.

The uncertainty surrounding ‘Brexit’ isn’t helping, and with four in five UK Travel Companies expecting price hikes in 2017, travellers are advised to book early and choose destinations further afield such as South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam, where their money will go further than it will in Europe and the United States.

Long-haul travel has never been more affordable, even with the flagging GBP, and if you dream of taking a South African Safari, an exotic Beach Break in Bali, or a Southeast Asian Adventure, grab your credit card, head online, and book your 2017 holiday before you crack open the Bubbly on New Year’s Eve!

You’ll save yourself a fortune, you’ll have something to look forward too once the festivities have passed, and you could wake up to this every morning… for a week or two, at least….!

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