Friday’s Photoshoot: A Whole Lot of Hippos!

Hippos may not be the most beautiful of creatures in sub-Saharan Africa, and they don’t smell too good either, but there’s something about these fascinating ‘river horses’ that makes me want to watch them for hours and hours.

Portly, pudgy, and more than a little bit pungent, the hippopotamus spends most of its day submerged in water to protect its sensitive skin from the harsh sunlight in Southern Africa, yet these magnificent mammals cannot swim, and contrary to popular belief, they do not float, but rather stand on the riverbed with just their nostrils, eyes and ears sticking out.

Considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, hippos are always ready for a fight, and if you ever happen to come between a female and it’s young, well, you had better hope there’s a big tree nearby, and that you’re a good climber!

From the continuous grunting to the swishing of tails when marking their territory, hippos are noisy, nosey, and not nearly as pleasant as you might imagine, but the fact is, they are one of the most unique and beautiful animals in the world, and if you have never seen one in its natural habitat, it’s time to book that holiday of a lifetime to Africa!



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