Bogus Food Poisoning Claims Set to Raise the Price of Package Holidays for Brits!

European hotels have finally had enough, and if British Travellers do not stop making bogus food poisoning claims in a bid to claim a refund from their Tour Operator or make false claims on their travel insurance, the rest of the country is going to suffer!

Fraudulent food poisoning claims have increased by over 500% since 2013, and while the rise of the all-inclusive holiday may be a significant factor, it seems it is only us Brits that succumb to ‘Spanish Tummy’. German, French and Scandinavian travellers staying in the same resorts during the same periods have no such problems!  Which is perhaps why our own foreign secretary, Boris Johnson commented that, “British digestive systems have become the most delicate in the world”.

In a bid to stem the huge rise in false food poisoning claims, travel industry bosses, hoteliers, and government ministers are to crackdown on bogus compensation claims, and warn that those committing the offence will be subjected to up to 3 years in prison, and even be barred from some European resorts.

While the travellers themselves are ultimately to blame, it seems there is a whole network of ambulance-chasing lawyers in Europe’s leading holiday resorts, who are targeting holidaymakers outside their hotels, and asking them to make up stories about food poisoning and other illnesses in an attempt to win thousands of pounds from insurers and travel companies.

Such claims have cost the Spanish Hotel industry over £50 million in just one year, and in a bid to make up some of that lost revenue, higher prices are to be set for British holidaymakers in the future, meaning everyone will pay for the holiday bug fakers.

What do you think of bogus food poisoning claims? Drop us a line and let us know!




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