Zambia Conservation Adventure Safari: The Ultimate African Wilderness Experience

There is nothing quite like an African Safari Holiday. Beautiful landscapes, eco-friendly accommodations, and the rare chance to see wild animals thriving in their natural habitat, a safari really is a holiday of a lifetime for many, but if you’ve already ticked Kruger National Park, the Serengeti Plains, and the Okavango Delta off your bucket list, it might be time to look for something different…

Zambia Conservation Adventure Safari

You could take a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or Rwanda, or you could take a puma safari in Chilean Patagonia, but if it is conservation, ecotourism, and responsible travel that appeals to you most, the brand-new Zambia Conservation Adventure Safari by Wilderness Safaris, could be the perfect choice for your 2017 holiday!

A six-night departure, set to start in Lusaka, Zambia on 28th October 2017, this bespoke safari is available to just 6 guests, who will have the unique opportunity to interact with anti-poaching researchers and rangers in the Busanga Plains, track Zambia’s last remaining Rhinos on foot, go behind the scenes and into the action of local community initiatives, and learn all about the impact of conservation education through the Children in the Wilderness project.

Wilderness Zambia Conservation Adventure Safari: Itinerary Overview

If this sounds like your dream holiday, here’s a brief overview of what you can expect during your trip:

  • Light aircraft transfers from Lusaka to Busanga Plains
  • A 4-night stay at the luxurious Wilderness Shumba Camp in the Kafue National Park
  • Interaction with the Zambian Carnivore Programme, which protects Zambia’s lions, cheetahs and leopards
  • A full day with Game Rangers International, including an anti-poaching presentation
  • Game drives
  • A hot air balloon flight over the Plains
  • Light aircraft transfers from Busanga Plains to Livingstone – the gateway to Victoria Falls
  • A 2-night stay at Wilderness Toka Leya on the banks of the Zambezi River
  • Zambian Rhino conservation presentation, and the opportunity to track Zambia’s protected rhinos on foot
  • Visit to Sinde Village and Twabuka School, where you will learn about the Children in the Wilderness impact of conservation education program.
  • A tour of the mighty Victoria Falls

If you cannot bear to leave Zambia after just 6-days, you can extend your trip with a 3 day visit to Hwange National Park, where you can go elephant tracking, spend time with Hwange’s Scorpions – an anti-poaching unit, and visit Ngamo Village to learn more about how Zambia’s local communities are contributing to conservation.

An amazing adventure for any animal lover, this Zambia Conservation Adventure Safari will take you to some of the most remote and beautiful places in Africa, and if you are passionate about saving the last remaining wild elephants and rhinos in the world, this is a remarkable way to ‘do your bit’!!





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