Friday’s Photoshoot: P-P-Pick Up a Penguin in Cape Town

South Africa may be famous for its Big 5, but you don’t have to go on safari to view the spectacular wildlife that this country has to offer. From your base in Cape Town, you can go whale watching, shark cage diving, and even take a day safari in one of the Western Capes many game reserves, but if that all sounds a little bit hectic for your weeklong city break, why not take a drive down to Boulders Bay and meet the native penguin colony that call this beautiful beach home.

Situated near Simon’s Town on the shores of False Bay, Boulders Beach has attracted African Penguins to its protected coastline since 1983.  With its soft white sandy beaches, ancient granite boulders (hence the name), and sheltered rock pools, Boulders Beach proved to be the perfect breeding ground for these tuxedoed chaps, and they have remained here ever since.

When driving to the Cape of Good Hope, a must-see attraction on any South African itinerary, you can easily take a detour to Boulders Beach, and when you get there, this is what you can expect to see…


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