Get More for Your Money at These Top 3 Long Haul Holiday Destinations This Christmas

If you are planning to escape the madness and mayhem of Christmas this year, you’d better get a move on! We have just over 7 weeks to go until the fun and festivities get truly underway, and if you are to avoid the obligatory parties, the hordes of festive shoppers, and the relentless TV advertising campaigns, now is most certainly time to book your Christmas flights somewhere warm and exotic.

While the British Pound has been somewhat unstable this year, it has strengthened against 3 major currencies in recent weeks, and so if you plan your trip wisely, you could get a whole lot more for your money, and enjoy a winter holiday of a lifetime in one of the world’s most beautiful (and affordable!) destinations.

So where should you be heading this Christmas? Well, if you are looking for sunshine, great food, endless sightseeing activities, culture, quality accommodations, and delightful new world wines, our Top 3 Long Haul Christmas Holiday Destinations should be right up there on the top of your Bucket List…

New Zealand

  1. New Zealand

Summer it on its way to New Zealand, and if your idea of the perfect Christmas includes hiking, biking, alfresco dining, wine tasting tours, sailing, and making new friends, you’ll find it all right here.  With 2 islands to choose from, New Zealand really does have something for everyone, and with 1.93 NZD to the Pound, it’s quite a bit cheaper than it was this time last year when you’d be lucky to get just 1.70.

chirstmas in argentina

  1. Argentina

Prices in Argentina go up and down like nobody’s business, and while it is certainly not as cheap as it was some 10 – 12 years ago, when you could live like a king for just a few dollars a day, it is still one of the most affordable places to visit in South America.  The perfect long-haul destination for those who love the great outdoors, Argentina allows you to visit Buenos Aires, Patagonia, the winelands of Mendoza, and the majestic Iguazu Falls, and do so all in one trip. You’ll currently get around 23.4 ARS for every Pound, up from 18.4 in November 2016.

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving - South Africa

  1. South Africa & Namibia

If you fancy an African Adventure this winter, but don’t want to blow your budget on Botswana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe where US Dollars reign, head on down to South Africa and/or Namibia, where you’ll get much more for your money.  While completely different, these two countries are bursting with things to see and do, and they are priced to suit every traveller’s budget. You could take a safari in South Africa and spend Christmas Day getting up close and personal with the Big 5, or you could take a self-drive tour of Namibia, and spend the festivities exploring unknown territories – the possibilities are endless.  The South African Rand and Namibian Dollar are linked, and you’ll currently get 18.76 of either for a single GBP (up from 15.5 earlier this year).






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