The Great Ocean Road and the Great Barrier Reef – Two Great Reasons to Visit Australia in 2018!

If I had to list just two reasons why you should holiday in Australia in 2018, it would have to be the Great Ocean Road and the Great Barrier Reef.

Every bit as beautiful and breathtaking as the glossy brochures would have you believe, Australia’s most popular attractions are a ‘must see’ for anyone visiting Down Under, and while there are millions of other places worth visiting in the land of Oz, these are two places you simply shouldn’t miss!

You’re never guaranteed good weather when you head out to sea, and as you can see in the photo’s below, the weather wasn’t too favourable during our trip to the Great Barrier Reef, but it was amazing none-the-less, and we now have the perfect excuse to return and do it all again!

Holidays to Australia




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    Looked like an amazing trip, i’m envious. cheers

    1. Equatours says:

      Thanks Kelly! It really was!

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