It’s International Cheetah Day!

It may not be one of Africa’s Big Five, but the Cheetah is a highlight of any African Safari Holiday. Intelligent, beautiful, and perfectly camouflaged to blend in to its natural habitat, the worlds’ fasted land animal can run from 0 – 70mph in just 3 seconds, but sadly, it seems they cannot run fast enough, and their numbers are dwindling fast.

Like much of Africa’s wildlife, the majestic Cheetah is on the road to extinction, and with less than 8,000 cheetahs left in the wild today, they are now Africa’s most endangered big cat.  Poaching, hunting, snares, and habitat loss are all contributing to the demise of the world most beautiful cat, and if we do not make radical changes to save these precious creatures, they could soon be gone from the African Savannah forever.

Fortunately, there are several Cheetah organisations operating throughout Africa in a bid to save the Cheetah, such as the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and with our support on International Cheetah Day, they can help protect future generations of these unique cats, who are at risk of becoming extinct in just 15 years…

International Cheetah Day provides us all the with opportunity to stand up for Africa’s fastest cat, and help them win the race against extinction. We can do this by supporting one of the many Cheetah charities, raising awareness by sharing Cheetah images on our social media platforms, or by visiting the website for further inspiration.

In the past 100 years we’ve lost 90% of the world’s population of Cheetah, and we’re fast-tracked to lose the remaining 10%.  If you can’t bear the thought of Africa without Cheetah, then today is the day to raise your voice – the Cheetah don’t have one, and they’re relying on us!

Here’s our support for International Cheetah Day… taken in Hwange National Park Zimbabwe, where Cheetah belong…


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    I have several photos, I love. I put my photos on my computer screen and just watch a slide show of them. beautiful animals.

    1. Equatours says:

      They truly are Kelly. I have to say, the figures shocked me – less than 8,000 left in the wild. We live in worrying times. Thank you for sharing.

      1. Kelly MacKay says:

        I get very sad, to think about it. I can’t understand why there is not more resources put towards their survival.

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