Argentinian Malbec – A Wine Worthy of Travel

If the 3 key ingredients to your dream holiday are beautiful scenery, fine wines, and gourmet cuisine, Argentina is, or should be, sitting at the very top of your 2018 Travel Bucket List!

Image source: Bodega Lopez

Often described as the Europe of South America, Argentina is a land of cosmopolitan cities, wild west landscapes, deep blue lakes, the Patagonia desert, and breathtaking scenery, but the fact that it is also home to award-winning Malbec Wines, makes it a very special holiday destination indeed.

Soft, rich and velvety smooth, Argentine Malbec is one of those wines that never fails to please, and while it may not have the grandeur and opulence of its ‘Old World’ counterparts, this magnificent red wine has become almost a staple of everyday life in the Salta, La Rioja, Catamarca, and Mendoza regions of Argentina.

Our first introduction to the Argentine Malbec came at Bodegas López in the picturesque city of Mendoza, where four generations have been making wine since 1898.  Their renowned Casona López Malbec is made from 100% Malbec grapes, and has a deliciously intense aroma and brilliant colour that sends your taste buds into a frenzy. Chocolate is the first thing that comes to my mind, but then I am only a ‘hopeful’ (or possibly, hopeless) connoisseur!

Located at the eastern foothills of the Andes in the shadows of the mighty Mount Aconcagua, Mendoza enjoys a continental climate with no extremes in temperatures, and so it is perfect for sustaining viticulture.  A holiday destination in its own right, Mendoza attracts travellers from across the world who use it as base before climbing Aconcagua, a stopover before crossing into Chile, or simply as a wonderfully relaxing destination filled with charm (and wine!).

There are several daily flights to Mendoza from Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, but if you really want to experience the Argentine way of life, we highly recommend taking the overnight bus from Buenos Aires to Mendoza for your wine touring adventure!  It is a long journey at around 15 hours, but an incredibly pleasant one, and if you opt for a Cama-Suite Bus Ticket, you can expect a first-class size reclining seat, hot meals served seat side, a glass of local wine, and complimentary WiFi along the way!

There are many reasons why we think you should visit Argentina in 2018, but if you enjoy New World Wines, we think you’ll find that the Argentine Malbec is worth the journey alone.



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