Pet Friendly Luxury Hotels: Where both You and Your Pooch will be Pampered

If you dream of travelling the world, but cannot bear the thought of leaving your beloved pet pooch behind, you’ll be pleased to know that the world of luxury travel is now more pet-friendly than ever before.

Image rights: Rosewood Hotels – Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Many airlines now let travellers take their pets in the cabin for a set fee, and if you dog is a registered support animal, the usual size and weight restrictions may not even apply! Whether you are the proud ‘parent’ of a chihuahua, a cocker spaniel, or a Great Dane, Fido can join you right there in the cabin for emotional support, although you may have to pay extra for his drinks and snacks!

While many luxury hotels used to turn their noses up at travellers with pets, they now welcome them with open arms. In fact, some über glamorous establishments have adapted their marketing strategies to entice pet owners (and their pooches) to stay, by offering incentives for the traveller, and treats for the dog.

Providing your dog is fully inoculated for the destinations you wish to visit and holds a valid Pet Passport, the world really is your oyster when it comes to travelling with pets in 2018, and here a just a few resorts where you and your best friend can holiday in style in the coming year…


Perhaps the most luxurious pet-friendly hotel in the world, Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos promises to give you, and your furry friend, the holiday of a lifetime.  Luxury accommodations, portable pet cabanas, and made-to-order “Canine Delight” pet menus come as standard here, and if you’d like someone to exercise your dog while you top up your tan, the onsite Dog Butlers will do exactly that!


You’ll need deep pockets to stay at the Peninsula Hotel in Paris, but if you are looking for a Luxury European Hotel that both you and your pooch can enjoy, you’ll find it right here. First-class service comes as standard in this hotel, and to ensure your four-legged friend feels welcome, he (or she) will receive a welcome basket of goodies including a toy, a water dish, and a bottle Evian!


If you dream of seeing the sights of Sydney with your fur kid firmly in tow, book yourselves into the luxurious Langham Hotel with its Pampered Pets Program. For a mere $120 per pet, per night, you can both indulge in the hotels renowned 5-star service, with pet sitting and dog walking services available upon request.

Staying in the lap of luxury with your lap dog has never been easier, so forget kennels and heart-breaking goodbyes, take your best friend with you, and travel the world in style!




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