World’s Sexiest Accents Revealed!


There is perhaps nothing more exciting than visiting a new destination and learning a new language, and if you love nothing more than practicing linguistic gymnastics during your international adventures, you’ll be interested to know that the World’s Sexiest Accents have been revealed.

New zealand sexiest accent in the world

Big 7 Travel, the go-to mobile resource for travel-obsessed adventurers, polled its readers to find out which accent is the sexiest accent of all. With over 7,000 languages in the world to choose from, it was no easy task, but the World’s Sexiest Accents have been pondered, practised, and poked, and fellow travellers, the results are in…

Here’s where you should be heading on holiday if you want to be seduced by the language of love:

  1. New Zealand

‘Newzild’ dialect is outrageously charming, apparently, in fact, it’s the sexiest accent in the world! But can anyone really tell the difference from the Australian accent?

  1. South African

There may be 11 official languages in South Africa, but it’s Afrikaans that gets the vote here and it is now officially the second sexiest language in the world.

  1. Irish

You might not be able to understand a word they are saying, but there’s no doubt that the Irish accent is sexy. Just make sure you stay south of the border.

  1. Italian

It’s true what they say, any word sounds sexy in Italian, and when you combine the beautiful accent with wine, pizza, and gelato, we think you’ve found the perfect holiday destination!

  1. Australian

Hmm, the jury is out on this one. It’s kind of slow, and they tend to shorten or skip the ends of many words, but is it sexy? Apparently so!

  1. Scottish

You’ve got to love the Scottish accent! It’s musical, it’s funny, and while I’m not sure if it would fall into my ‘sexy’ category, I can understand why it is on the list.

  1. French

As the official ‘language of love’ French had to make it onto the World’s Sexiest Accents list, but is it really Oh Là Là?

  1. Spanish

Now we’re talking. It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s fabulously flirty, and I’m just surprised that the Spanish accent didn’t rank higher on the list, but of course, it depends where you are listening to it. The Spanish accent of mainland Spain is completely different to that of Argentina.

  1. South USA

Really? If you like listening to the silky tones of a slow southern drawl, head on down to Texas, Louisiana, or Alabama.

  1. Brazilian Portuguese

A joy to listen to, Brazilian Portuguese definitely belongs on the World’s Sexiest Accents list, and if you ever needed an excuse to visit Rio de Janeiro, this could be it!


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