The New Era of Travel

When we look at how the travel industry has evolved over the past 80 years we can be in no doubt that travel trends have changed and the world is much more accessible to us all than it was back in the 1930’s.

As a child growing up in the 1970’s it was all about the packaged holidays to southern European destinations such as Spain, Greece and Italy, where a week of three star ‘luxury’ on the Costa del Sol was something we all dreamed about, but fast forward to the 1990’s and our holiday patterns started to look a whole lot different.

Long-haul flights are now within everyone’s reach, and recent trends show that we now wish to travel further and visit those exotic destinations that were once only accessible to the rich and famous.

South Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands are destinations that many of us thought we would only dream about, but they are now firmly in reach, and many travellers are saving their hard-earned cash to take their “holiday of a lifetime”.

Holidays around the world, Pacific Ocean cruises, South African Safari’s and Australian adventures are the kinds of trips we are looking for today, and in our mission to find ‘paradise’ it seems we are happy to pay for quality rather than quantity when it comes to our dream holidays.

With Spaceflights already in the making our holiday pattern’s will soon move on again, but in the meantime why not take advantage of the wonderful countries our own planet has to offer and uncover a whole new world.


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