Head South for some Winter Sunshine

If you are starting to feel those “winter blues” then it might be time to book that well-deserved holiday and head off to warmer climes somewhere south.

While we wake up to frost, the countries sitting beneath the equator are starting to heat up and destinations like South Africa, Argentina and Brazil are now basking in glorious sunshine, where the only thing to do is lounge by the pool, drink a chilled beer or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

For those who like to party, Rio is about to launch its 2012 carnival where sun, sea and samba are part of everyday life.  If you prefer something a little more relaxed then you could try Buenos Aires with its fantastic shopping, fine dining and passionate Tango shows. Then there is the ‘Mother City’ of Cape Town where scenery, shopping, sundowners and sunsets are just a few of the many delights that await you.

With direct flights from most major European airports, these exotic destinations are within reach, so go on – treat yourself and head south for a touch of summer.


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