A Malaria Free Safari Experience

If you have never been on Safari in South Africa then I can highly recommend you add this magnificent experience to your bucket list.  Combining the splendour of South Africa’s Big 5 (that’s Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Lion and Water Buffalo to you and me!), with exquisite fauna and flora, stunning game reserve lodges and fearless drivers/guides, a safari in South Africa is something you will never forget and the memories will be imprinted on your brain forever.

Kruger National Park is perhaps the most well-known game reserve in South Africa and it is certainly the largest covering almost 2 million hectares of land. A stunning location where you get the opportunity to “be at one” with nature and witness no less than six different ecosystems, Kruger National park is well worth a visit, however it is considered a malaria risk area.

While the chances of catching malaria are extremely slim, it is always advisable to take malaria tablets prior to your visit, wear long clothing and use skin protection to keep those pesky Mosquito’s at bay.

Lalibela Game Reserve – Eastern Cape

For those who wish to experience a South African Safari without the risk of malaria, the Eastern Cape is a haven of wonderful game reserves, great game viewing and luxurious lodges where friendly staff, delicious food and fine South African wines come as standard.

While smaller than the Kruger Park, the Eastern Cape region has plenty to offer the traveller looking for a special safari experience, and as the parks are more compact, the chances of viewing the Big 5 plus a whole range of other stunning wild animals such as giraffe, zebra, wilder beast and warthogs is a whole lot higher.

The Eastern Cape Game reserves are situated just 1-hour drive from Port Elizabeth, and with regular flights between Cape Town and PE, it is easy to combine your malaria free safari experience with a trip to South Africa’s ‘Mother City’.

So get up close and personal with South Africa’s wildlife and enjoy the safari experience you have always dreamed of in the Eastern Cape.


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