Cruising – What to do on Sea Days

If you are looking for a wonderfully relaxing holiday that combines great food, 24/7 entertainment and exotic destinations, then cruising may be the perfect holiday for you.

A huge fan myself, I think there is nothing better than sitting on the top deck of a cruise ship with a great book, a Piña Colada and absolutely nothing in sight but the glistening blue sea. Then there is the gourmet food around the clock, live entertainment, and a whole range of indulgent Spa treatments to think of, along with meeting new friends and enjoying a different destination at every port, the list just goes on!

One question I am frequently asked by friends who have never cruised before is “what do you do on sea days?”

“Sea Days” are those days when the ship sails from one destination to another and no ports of call are scheduled. While generally limited to one or two days per cruise, longer passages such as those across the Pacific Ocean can have up to four or five in sea days in a row, which might cause concern to those who have never cruised before.

Sea days are in my opinion some of the best days you can have during a cruise, and it is the perfect time to explore the ship and take part in the numerous activities scheduled by the entertainment crew.

In the mornings, you can breakfast at your leisure, work out in the gym and enjoy a Spa treatment or two before lunch is served. Your afternoons can be spent lying by the pool listening to the live band, taking a wine tasting tour with the ships Sommelier, chancing your luck in the Casino, or simply relaxing on your balcony with a cocktail or two.

After pre-dinner drinks and a sumptuous a la carte menu, the ship really starts to liven up with live music in its bars and clubs, amazing theatre shows, disco’s, bowling and some ships even offer a midnight chocolate buffet, so the entertainment possibilities are endless.

If you are a fan of cruising, let us know what you like to do on Sea Days, we would love to hear from you!


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