Online booking – the way to go

We live in a world where many of us cannot live without our mobile phones, iPad and internet connections, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that just 11% of Brits will be booking their 2012 holiday through a high street travel agent.

The new survey conducted by the TravelSupermarket indicates that a whopping 66% of Britons will be booking their main summer holiday via an online travel agent, online tour operator or a price comparison website, while a further 14% confirmed they would book their holiday over the telephone.

Why? Well the internet opens up a whole new world up to us, and we can research places we may never have considered visiting before, so it makes sense that people are booking their dream holidays online.  With singles holidays, escorted tours, group holidays and experiential packages available at our fingertips, we are savvier and more informed than ever before, which enables us to find the perfect holiday at the perfect price.

So is this the end for high street travel agencies?  Well only time will tell, but with expensive rents, high employment costs and growing competition, it is difficult to see how they can compete with the growing collection of online travel agencies and tour operators.

The survey concludes that, “an overwhelming 96% of Britons say they will make sure they take a holiday this year” so it looks likes it is going to be a booming year for the online travel industry – fingers crossed!


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