The Big Freeze

Well it looks like the weatherman was right (for a change) and the predicted big freeze has arrived with snow, icy cold winds and temperatures well below zero.

While the picturesque winter wonderland scene may look great from the windows of your centrally heated home, it is creating havoc across the country with roads blocked, airports closed and many of the Sunday Football matches postponed, and while milder weather is said to be on its way, this cold spell could be with us for up to four weeks.

If like me, this cold weather makes you think of jetting off to warmer climes, then there is only one way to go and that to the beautiful countries sitting south of the equator.  While we enjoy frost, my dear friends in South Africa are delighted to tell me that Cape Town is enjoying a heat spell with daily temperatures of around 35°C and warm balmy evenings – so not fair!

It is not just Cape Town that is red-hot right now, Rio de Janeiro has an average temperature of 32°C and even Queenstown in New Zealand is reaching well over 25°C, so south is definitely the way to go.

The countries that sit beneath the equator provide us with the perfect winter holiday destinations, and with direct flights from all main European airports, they are just a hop, skip and a jump away! So avoid the big chill, pack your suntan lotion, sandals and shorts and head on south for a touch of winter sun.



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