It’s summer below the equator!

After a 24-hour snowstorm yesterday we can be in no doubt that, the winter weather intends to stick around for a little bit longer! While I don’t necessarily mind winter, when it goes on for three months I feel the urge to get away to warmer climes, and so it is definitely time to book that spring holiday somewhere south!

The weather has been exceptionally tough on Europe this year, and when snow reaches our popular seaside destinations such as Ibiza, then you know that you are going to have to head a lot further south if you are to find some of that sought after sunshine.

While we shiver in minus degrees, the countries sitting beneath the equator remain hot, sunny and summery so they make the perfect destination for spring holidays.  South Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand are all enjoying average daily temperatures in the late 20’s, and while it may take us a little longer to get there, flight connections have never been better!

Our spring months of April, May and June are the most beautiful months in Cape Town, Queenstown and Buenos Aires, and as their ‘high seasons’ are just coming to an end, you get to enjoy the wonderful scenery and excellent attractions in a calmer and less crowded environment.

So we know where we are off to this spring – why don’t you join us and go below zero for the holiday of a lifetime!


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  1. Sounds fabulous! Although I would love to get a little of that snow too.

    1. Snow is fine in moderation – sunshine we can take by the bucket full! Thank you for visiting!

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