Our Top 10 Cities – Part IV – Perth

This fourth part in Our Top 10 Cities takes us around the world to the home of breathtaking scenery, fine wines and all the Kangaroos you could possibly wish for! – Our Number 7 Top City goes to Perth, Australia.

There are no two ways about it – I love Perth!  A big city with a small town feel, Perth and its surrounding areas have so much to offer that I would have no hesitations in packing my bags and moving there tomorrow!

Nestling on the western coast of Australia, Perth enjoys a great climate with daytime temperatures rarely dropping below 20° Celsius. A well-kept city with great ambience, Perth combines excellent shopping opportunities with fine restaurants, and has all the sporting stadiums one could possibly wish for doted across the city.

A great place for ‘outdoorsy’ people, Perth offers a wonderful selection of parks with barbecue facilities where one can kick off the shoes, grill some shrimp and enjoy a crisp Sauvignon Blanc among the gum trees, while chatting to newly made friends.  A haven within the city, these stunning parks could be anywhere in suburbia, and it is only when you crane your neck to see the tall rise office blocks that you remember you are in a city at all!

Perth is of course, so much more than the city and as you head out towards the north, you will find yourself perfectly positioned to discover the illustrious Coral Coast.

Driving along the coral coast is a joy in itself, with boisterous Kangaroos on every corner and constantly changing landscapes, it is a must for anyone visiting Western Australia – just make sure you don’t forget your camera!

Covering over 1,100 kilometres of coastline, the Coral Coast is not something to be rushed, and if you can drag yourself away from the glorious beaches of Cervantes and Geraldton, we would have to recommend a visit to the Pinnacles at the Nambung National Park.

As you head south from Perth the scenery is different but just as beautiful, and after a brief stopover in the quaint town of Mandurah, you can drive straight down to the lush wine region of Margaret River, recently named as “the best town in Australia 2011”.

The perfect getaway for those who enjoy stunning scenery, fine wines and spectacular sunsets, Margaret River has it all, and when you combine this with everything that Perth city and the Coral Coast has to offer – you too may fall in love with this Western Australia wonder!


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