Our Top 10 Cities – Part V – Rio de Janeiro

We are half way through our list of Top 10 favourite cities, and today we head south, way below the equator to Our Number 6 Top city, the bold and beautiful Brazilian jewel of Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro is hot, sweaty and definitely a little bit sexy, and once you have visited this exhilarating metropolis of mountains, world-famous white sandy beaches and lush rainforests, you will understand why thousands of Europeans flock here every year!

A city that seems to move to the seductive sound of the samba, Rio is lively and exciting, and if you like to surround yourself with beautiful, friendly people then there is no better place on earth!

Life in Rio is laid back and relaxed, and most Carioca’s (locals of Rio) seem to structure their lives around the beach, football and the Carnival preparations. With magnificent beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema on the doorstep, a vast expanse of deep blue ocean and ice-cold coconuts and beer delivered to your beach chair, it is easy to see why outdoor living comes naturally to the people of Rio, and why they are so proud of the place they call home.

Scenic attractions such as Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado are definitely worth a visit, and I have to say that standing beneath Christ the Redeemer overlooking the magnificent bay left me almost speechless (and that doesn’t happen often!).  If you can drag yourself away from the beach, a scenic boat ride across Sepetiba Bay or a trek through Tijuca rainforest will let you see Rio from different angles and provide a multitude of photo opportunities.

As night falls Rio de Janeiro comes alive, and whether you are looking for fine dining along Copacabana beach or cocktail sipping and dancing opportunities in Lapa, this amazing city will not let you down!

No trip to Rio or Brazil in general would be complete without tasting the delicious but rather potent Caipirinha’s, and if you enjoy steak a visit to one of the many Churasscaria’s for a Rodízio will certainly tantalize your taste buds.  Our particular favourite would have to be Porcão, a paradise for foodies where one should arrive early with an empty stomach and be prepared to overindulge!

In Rio de Janeiro, the music and dancing opportunities are endless, and after a couple of Caipirinha’s you will begin to feel the beat of the Samba taking over your hips. Trying to resist is futile, so simply let yourself go and enjoy sights and sounds that this “cidade maravilhosa” has to offer!


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