10 Places to Escape to During the London Olympics

I know this doesn’t sound very patriotic, but I one of the “millions of Britons” who will be escaping to warmer climes when the London 2012 Olympics start in July.  Not that we didn’t try to support the event, my better half tried for months to get hold of some elusive Olympic tickets, but this was to no avail, and so I am afraid we will be joining the flock heading off our tiny island in search of sun, sand, peace and quiet!

The good news is there are some fantastic flight offers on right now for fellow Brits, so if you are thinking of booking your summer holiday, now is the time to go online and put that credit card to work!  To give you some inspiration, here is the list I’m currently working on…

1. Columbia.  There are some fantastic flight deals to Columbia right now, and if you fancy a red-hot destination with Hispanic flair, you will struggle to find anywhere better.

2. Sardinia, Italy.  One of the UK’s most popular budget airlines is offering fantastic flight deals to Sardinia, and while the hotels are a little on the pricey side, you get what you pay for and it is your summer holiday after all!

3. Vienna, Austria.  If you are looking for culture, great dining and fabulous Austrian wines there is no better place for your summer holiday than Vienna.  The weather is fantastic during July and August, and while its peak holiday season, it will still be less crowded than London.

4. Caribbean Cruise.  Cruises have been getting a hard time lately, what with the disaster of the Costa Cruise Ship.  On a positive note, the cruise prices have dropped and there are bargains to be found – even on the luxury cruise liners!

5. Napa Valley, California.  Wine lovers around the world will understand me on this one!  Beautiful scenery, great hotels and barrels full of Chardonnay… What more could anyone want?

6. Philippine Islands.  Island hoping around Boracay, Cebu and Kalibo sounds very appealing right now, and a wonderful way to spend a couple of weeks during the summer.

7. Garden Route, South Africa. It may be winter below the equator in July and August, but the winters are exceptionally mild and you get to enjoy the beautiful Garden Route without the throngs of summer tourists.

8. Dublin, Ireland.  If you don’t want to go far, hop over to Dublin for a week and enjoy great food, great company and buckets full of Guinness!

9. Seville, Spain.  The magnificent city of Seville is a wonderful place to spend a summer holiday.  Great architecture, stunning parks, delicious tapas and Spanish Vino – I am very tempted to book this right now!

10. Mauritius.  If you really want to get away from it all, head on down to the breathtakingly beautiful island of Mauritius where warm sunshine and golden beaches come as standard.

If, like me, you intend to escape the London Olympics, let us know where you are going – we may just see you there!


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