Walking the Line – Travelling the Equator

While I have crossed the invisible line of the equator more times than I can remember, I have never actually walked along the line itself, or visited one of the many famous landmarks found in Ecuador, Uganda, Kenya and Indonesia where you can have your photo take with a foot either side of the line. So, I have recently added this ‘mission’ to my bucket list!

Cruising along at the latitude of zero degrees must be a great experience, and with the quickest sunrises and sunsets in the world, I’m sure the photo opportunities are brief but amazing along this 40,000km journey around the world!

With such a long way to go, I guess we are going to have to break this down and do it in sections (unless we win the lottery of course!) and while most start at San Tome and Principe, we are going to do it differently!

As we are huge fans of South America our starting point will undoubtedly be Ecuador.  Then, working our way east we will get to visit Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil before coming to that rather large expanse of water called the Atlantic!

How does one cross the Atlantic Ocean when walking the line of the equator?  Well, I suppose the quickest and easiest way is to fly – but is that cheating?  To fly from Brazil to San Tome and Principe seems like the best option to me, and from there it gets even hotter and sweatier as we head through Gabon, the Republic and Democratic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia before reaching the refreshing Indian Ocean and the beautiful Maldives.

Sailing along the equator from the Maldives to Indonesia sounds like a romantic option, but it would probably take weeks and I’m sure I read something about pirates in the area – so rather than taking the risk of being kidnapped for ransom (they would be very disappointed pirates), I think it better we jump on another plane.

After a leisurely stroll through the Indonesian islands (keeping to the line, of course) our next and final destination before returning to Ecuador would be Kiribati and the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Travelling the equator and walking an invisible line sounds like a trip of a lifetime to me. Now, where is my compass!


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  1. Love the pics, makes me get travel lust!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I know what you mean – me too!

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