Favourite Foods from Around the World – Tried and Tasted – Part 1

One of the things we enjoy most about travelling around the world is trying new and unusual foods in different places.  Even though we are both from Europe, the Austrian diet is quite different to that enjoyed in the UK, and so it is no surprise that when we head further afield those eating patterns and diets change altogether.

The UK may be famous for many things but fine cuisine isn’t one of them!  Not that we do not have fine restaurants, we do, but when you ask any foreigner what is the most famous dish in England you will quite probably hear “Fish and Chips” or “English Breakfast”, and while both of these dishes are tasty, they are not for those on a diet!

Austria has great cuisine and if you enjoy great cakes, Wiener schnitzel, different types of sausages and apple strudel, you will think you have arrived in food heaven.  In the western part of Austria, lunch is the main meal of the day, and most locals seem to follow the “Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a pauper” rule.

Our first ever breakfast in Hong Kong was an experience to say the least, and while I didn’t quite acquire the taste of congee (a rice porridge soup dish) or the salted and pickled eggs that go with it, I did quite enjoy eating noodles for breakfast, and it makes a refreshing  change from cornflakes!


The food in Asia, particularly Thailand and Malaysia, is exceptional.  Great curries filled with locally grown vegetables, soups, noodles, rice dishes and steamboats are simply delicious, and the great thing is, the food is so healthy that you can eat as much as you like without putting on a pound!

Getting ready for a Barbie Down Under!

Australia offers food from all over the world so it is easy to find whatever you fancy.  Most famous perhaps for grilled meats and shrimps on the Barbie, Australia offers something for everyone, the sky and your budget is the limit!

The islands of the Pacific serve up deliciously ripe fruits, coconuts, unusual vegetables, and as one would expect – plenty of fish and seafood.  Fresh, scrumptious and plentiful, the food is the South Pacific is just delightful!

Drumsticks – Texas Style!

The US gets a bad rap when it comes to junk food, but it offers so much more than supersized burgers and buckets full of chicken.  We love the southern style breakfasts of buttermilk biscuits, grits, fried apples and thick-cut bacon, and the turkey drumsticks in Texas certainly beat any found in fast food restaurants!  The portions might be twice the size of those found in Europe, but that’s hardly something to complain about!


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  1. Delicious, delicious images!
    Greetings from Brazil, from 3rdculturechildren
    (my recent take on Mexican Meal!) 😮

    1. Muito Obrigada 3rdculturechildren! Your meal looks delicious too… Don’t you just love eating!

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