Favourite Foods from Around the World – Tried and Tasted – Part 2

As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, one of the things we enjoy most about travelling the world is trying new and unusual foods in different countries, and while I am not someone who will munch away on creepy crawlies or animal products I am not familiar with, I do enjoy trying the different flavours found in faraway lands.

Living in the Mediterranean for over 12 years taught us a lot about healthy living and our diet is jam-packed with fruits, vegetables, olive oil and traditional home cooked food, so when we head off on holiday we enjoy nothing more than indulging in the local delicacies.

Buenos Aires

South America in general is a Mecca for foodies, and if you enjoy a good steak, salad, and a glass of wine, pack your bags right now and move to Argentina!  A country where everything seems to grow in abundance, Argentina offers (in my humble opinion) the best steaks and best red wine in the world, and when you combine that with the ripe palta (avocados), mozzarella, freshly baked breads and cakes, and great coffee – well, what more could anyone possibly need in life?

DIY Rodizio in Brazil

The Brazilians are champions in grilling, and if you have never tried a Rodízio at one of the many Churasscaria’s you are certainly in for a treat.  Starting with a huge buffet of salads, sushi, fruits and local delicacies, one then moves onto the grilled meats served table-side by one of the many waiters.  Upon entry to the restaurant, you receive a token that is green on one side, red on the other.  When you wish to have a break from the endless supply of food show the red side of your token, and when you are ready to start again just show the green side – simple!

Typical Fruit Market in Mexico

Those who like it spicy will appreciate the tacos, fajitas and chilli found in Mexico, and we enjoy nothing more than munching away on a basket of nachos with a jalapeno dipping sauce and an ice-cold Dos Equis cerveza when on the beach in Playa del Carmen or Cabo!  The diet complements the weather perfectly in this part of the world.

Fish - Caribbean Style!

The Caribbean diet includes, as one would imagine, plenty of fresh fish and seafood, great fruits and chilled coconuts.  Greatly influenced by the invasion of tourism it is easy to get your favourite dishes from home, but if you head off the tourist trails you can still find locally made menus with true Caribbean flair.

Plettenberg Bay - South Africa

Africa is a world in itself, and while we haven’t seen nearly as much of it as we would like to (or intend to!), we have experienced a variety of different foods from across the continent and relish the different herbs, spices and condiments used to flavour the dishes.  South Africa offers an excellent choice of game meats, fresh seafood and fine wines, in addition to international cuisine, but if you have never tried a Boerewors on the Braai – you haven’t tasted the real South Africa!

Well, that’s made me hungry again… Think it’s time to get the bangers and mash on!


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  1. Great post and photos! Made me hungry!

    1. Thank you! I’m sure you will try plenty of new foods in Africa!

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