Destination Review – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Often referred to as the Europe of South America, Argentina is one of those countries that draws you in and makes you feel right at home amongst its friendly people, beautiful scenery and relaxed way of life.

A country I could easily call home, Argentina captured my heart upon arrival in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, and anyone who enjoys great food, excellent wine, music, dancing, and socializing will appreciate what this grand city has to offer.

Buenos Aires combines a mishmash of old colonial-style buildings with modern condominiums, and as each barrio of the city offers something that little bit different, it caters for every taste.  Fine dining along Puerto Madero, catching a local football match at the Boca Stadium, watching the Tango danced outside pavement cafe’s in El Caminito, and searching for antiques in San Telmo are just some of the things one can do to fill up a day.

Argentina is easily accessible from major European and US airports and if you start your journey in Buenos Aires, you will be perfectly placed to discover the rest of the country.  The bus system is comfortable, reliable and affordable, and you can get to virtually any other city in the country from this bustling hub.

20 years ago, Argentina was an expensive place to visit, but with today’s exchange rate international currencies such as Euros, Pounds and Dollars go a very long way.  Eating out is cheap, beers and wines are plentiful, and the hotels are generally cheaper than those at home so one can stay longer and see more of the country.

As a “Peronista”, my highlight of Buenos Aires would have to be the Casa Rosada.  A magnificent building in the centre of town, you can almost taste the history that surrounds this rose-coloured structure, and I guarantee you will feel an urge to sing “Don’t cry for me Argentina” when you see it (thank Madonna for that one)!

The food in BS AS is as varied as the people who live there. Breakfast usually consists of hot coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a basket of freshly baked medialunas, a sweet croissant shaped pastry.  Lunch, for us at least, generally consists of a stone baked pizza with fresh mozzarella or pasta, and for dinner, it has to be Parrillada!

Just walking around this amazing city is enough for me, and if you take the time to learn a few words of Spanish before you arrive, you will have plenty of opportunities to chat with the locals and maybe make some new Porteño friends in this cosmopolitan metropolis.  Buenos Aires – Me Encanta!


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