Holiday Like A Rock Star!

The holiday season is now full swing, and if 2012 is your year to holiday like a Rock Star, you are in for a treat!  Following in the footsteps of movie legends and pop stars, the Sun newspaper reports that Mick Jagger has recently put his Caribbean home up for holiday rentals.

Combining your annual holiday with a stay in a rock stars home may sound inviting, but if you want to see how the ‘other half’ really live, you can expect to pay a pretty price for the privilege.

Based on the exotic island of Mustique, Mick’s luxurious pad can be yours for a mere £9,500 per week, but there are several “background checks” to pass before you will even be considered – so don’t expect to get there in a Jumpin’ Jack Flash!

Some might say Mick’s asking price is a small price to pay to holiday like a Rolling Stone, and when you compare it to Keith Richard’s asking price of over 30K per week for his Turks & Caicos pad, it does seem like we are getting a bargain.

Other stars, including Bruce Willis and Eric Clapton, rent out their luxury Caribbean hideaway for anywhere between £55,000 and £90,000 per week, so if you are a huge fan of Mick Jagger and/or the Rolling Stones, it might be a good idea to book up now before he finds out what the others are charging!

If you have just invested all your spare cash in Facebook shares, and cannot stretch to 50k per week for your 2012 summer holiday, you will be pleased to know that (according to the Sun) both Charlize Theron and Pamela Anderson rent out their Malibu homes for a mere £8,000 per week – so there are some bargains to be had…!

At the other end of the scale, you can rent Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island for ‘just’ $371,000 dollars per week, and enjoy a little piece of paradise all to yourself!

So wherever you are going on holiday this year – we hope you holiday like a Rock Star!


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