Facebook Travel Surveys – Savvy Airlines turn to Social Media

We can be in no doubt that social media is changing the way we travel, and savvy airlines are now turning to the World Wide Web to gain vital information on travel trends and customer preferences.

British Airways have recently conducted a travel poll via their Facebook page, asking their followers to vote for their favourite flight routes and holiday destinations, and as a result, they have added extra flights to their follower’s favourite summer holiday destination – the Caribbean.

A representative for British Airways stated, “We had a great response to our Facebook Poll which just shows how important holidays are to people”, and due to the increased demand for certain routes, they will now offer daily flights from the UK to Barbados, St Lucia, and Antigua, and have added an extra flight per week to Jamaica.

The Facebook survey also suggested that we prefer to take ‘a relaxing beach vacation’ rather than a city break or adventure trip, and that those not heading to the Caribbean for their 2012 summer holiday will, instead, be heading off to the ‘dream destinations’ of South Africa, the Maldives or Florida.

With the current economic ‘turmoil’ in the Euro Zone, it is no surprise that travellers are heading further afield in 2012, and if the results of this poll are correct, it seems those in search of a dream beach holiday are taking long-haul flights to get to their idyllic destination.

The world of social media has opened many doors for travellers, and if those working in the travel industry join the revolution, we can help more people see more of this beautiful world we live in!


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